Search online for "Florida Vacation Rentals" and you'll get MILLIONS of results. There are companies, agencies, brokers, groups, individuals, second homeowners, and who-knows-who wooing you to rent their homes or use their property rental services. How can you sort it all out and be sure you're making the best choice? Please keep reading...

ONLY VRP gives you all this - every property, every time

VacationRentalPros.com provides useful details to help you find the perfect accommodations!
1. Extraordinary Properties, Exclusive Listings

Many property owners have exclusive rental agreements with VRP - not with any other property management company. That means you'll find some of the most outstanding dwellings in Florida on our website...and they're available ONLY through VRP.

2. Four Luxury Levels to Choose From

We rate our properties' levels of comfort, luxury, and value on our 4-Sun Quality Rating System. Choose the level of luxury you desire: 4 Suns for truly extraordinary accommodations; 3 Suns for deluxe comfort; 2 Suns for solid value; or 1 Sun for economy.

3. Easy to Find a Happy Balance of Price and Quality

Our full-featured website gives clear, candid descriptions and full pricing on all our properties. This makes it simple for you to compare what you get for the price you pay - an excellent way for you to evaluate price vs. value and choose YOUR best balance of property features, quality, and price.

4. More Listings, More Choices

We list over 960 rental properties all over northeast Florida and the Fort Meyers area. That's far more than most rental agencies can come close to. What type of living space do you prefer? You can select a condo; a single family home; a cottage; and more.

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5. More Luxury Properties than Other Companies

VRP has 189 properties of high-end Diamond and Gold quality ratings - far more than other companies. The reason is simple: many of the renters who utilize our services seek well-appointed accommodations. So we've put a priority on develop rental arrangements with owners of better properties. This pleases both our property owners and our customers who rent them. And, of course, we're pleased to be known as the go-to company for premier properties.

You won't miss the gentle surf and ocean breezes for a single moment at a beachfront rental!
6. More Waterfront Properties Than Others

Just as we have more luxury accommodations than other companies, we also have more waterfront and beachside properties to offer...and for the same reasons: our renters want them so we've carefully cultivated relationships with owners of these properties. You can choose from over 380 waterfront/beachfront properties!

7. More Budget Properties, too

Our renters come in all shapes and sizes and each vacationer has his or her own priorities. Some want luxury accommodations; some put the emphasis on economy. We have a selection of properties under $750 per week, as well as last-minute bargain specials, too.

8. Real Live Customer Service

VRP is famous for giving our renters real, person-to-person customer service; the kind that's hard to find these days. When you call us, email us, or chat online with us, you'll work with our real, live, knowledgeable and courteous staff.

9. Easy to Use Website

Customers tell us all the time, "Your website is so easy to use!" And it is. You can click and search for properties based on what's important to you: luxury level; pet friendliness; pools ; beachfront, and more. And don't miss clicking "Last Minute Deals!" See a property that looks interesting? A quick click shows you full details, then click again to book it now. Browse and book properties anytime, night or day, weekends, holidays - anytime!

10. Simple Booking Online, by Email, Chat, or Phone

Do you prefer to book your rental online? You'll find our online booking process is easy, fast, and secure. Rather book by email? Just shoot us an email and we'll take care of it. Want to book via Chat? Just click the Chat icon. Or would you like to book your rental by phone? Simply call us and one of our knowledgeable representatives will handle it smoothly, politely, and professionally.

11. Accurate, Detailed Property Descriptions and Pictures

No surprises! We take great care to be certain our listings have full, accurate, detailed written descriptions and lots of photos so you can browse and rent with confidence. If our write-up says a property has "all the amenities you would expect of a 5-star resort," you can count on it. Most have complete photo documentation - simply click photos to enlarge and take a good, close look.

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12. Prompt, Professional Housekeeping Services

The property you rent from VRP will be neat and clean when you arrive and our professional housekeepers take pride in keeping it that way, meeting or exceeding your expectations. We'll set up a housekeeping schedule that fits your vacation plans.

13. Complete Linen Service

All your linens are provided. You will find fresh towels ready for you in bathrooms and kitchen. Beds made up for you with fresh, clean sheets and pillowcases. All are fine quality, all are maintained by housekeeping professionals.

Dining in has never been so pleasant. Your rental's kitchen will be your new favorite locale!
14. Complete Kitchen Cookware and Utensils

Love to cook? Or love to save money on vacation by taking some or all your meals in the home you're renting? We've got you covered. All our properties come with kitchen cookware, utensils, and dishes. And in our more luxurious Diamond and Gold levels, you can expect high quality equipment and appliances.

15. Maintenance On-Call 24/7

Should you experience any kind of maintenance problem while on vacation, simply give us a quick call. Our staff is on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Dripping faucet at 3am? No problem. Just call us.

16. Free Wi-Fi & Cable TV

Wi-Fi and Cable TV are a way of life these days and virtually all of our properties have Wi-Fi and Cable TV included at no extra charge. A few do not; these non-Wi-Fi/Cable TV properties are clearly indicated on our website. Believe it or not, these properties are quite popular: many see a non-Wi-Fi/Cable vacation as great incentive to get out in the Florida sun an a blessed break from watching TV, making and receiving endless cell phone calls, Googling, emailing, texting, time spent on Facebook, Twitter, and more!

17. Off-Street Parking

Almost all our properties have off street parking for at least one vehicle. Those that do not are clearly identified on our website.

18. Family Friendly

Many families who rent Florida vacation properties prefer to stay in our single-family homes. They enjoy being in private home with plenty of bedrooms, in a family-oriented neighborhood.

Pamper your fur friends at one of our many pet friendly properties!
19. Pet Friendly

If your traveling companions are of the cat 'n dog variety, you'll appreciate our pet friendly properties. These homes are owned by folks who love pets, too, and who understand why you won't leave home without them.

20. Spring Break Friendly

Springtime may mean spring break and party time for you and your friends. We list hundreds of properties in some of Florida's most popular spring break centers. Book early; they go fast!

21. Local Info

We make sure all our properties are well stocked with plenty of useful visitor information on the local area - info on what to do and see locally. Where to go, local attractions, restaurants, beaches, shopping districts, and much more of local interest.

22. Special Offers, too

VRP lists hundreds of properties at very attractive prices. We also offer big discounts and last-minute specials from time to time. Be sure to join our email list and we'll keep you posted on vacation news you'll want to know...including the latest red-hot discounts!

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