Introducing the Fine Linens Program

Your vacation just got even more luxurious! We are proud to introduce the Fine Linens Program for our Diamond and Gold rental properties.  Here's how it works:

Every rental property we offer includes complimentary fresh sheets and pillowcases for each of its beds (including sofa sleepers and futons, if applicable), as well as pillows and blankets, and towel sets for every bath. Everything is freshly laundered and ready to go the moment you arrive.

If your rental property is rated Copper, Bronze, or Silver, the sheets and pillowcases (linens) you receive have been selected and provided by the owner. They must meet high standards to be used in one of our rental properties, so you should find them soft and comfy, without visible wear and tear.

But if your rental property is rated Gold or Diamond, the linens* you receive will come from our Fine Linens Program. We have teamed with a local laundry service to ensure that the sheets and pillowcases in our most luxurious rental houses and condos are absolutely top-shelf: snowy white, soft, and with a high thread count. These are the same quality linens used in fine hotels! And they are professionally laundered using Tunnel Washing Technology, with temperatures up to 1200 degrees F to sterilize the fabric.

Soft, smooth, and spotlessly clean, Fine Linens guarantee everyone in your group the best possible start on a great night's sleep, every time. After all, a great vacation should be deeply relaxing and rejuvenating. Begin each day feeling terrific by waking up on Fine Linens, and enjoy a worry-free, fun-filled Florida vacation!

* Please note that the Fine Linens Program includes sheets and pillowcases for every bed in the property. Pillows, blankets, and towel sets are selected by the owner.