Flagler Beach - Activities and Events


Keep up with your practice or finally give this yoga nonsense a try. Walk-in rates are available, as are weekly sessions and monthly passes. If you'd prefer, private classes are another option.

  • Website: Padma Yoga
  • Address: 5 Utility Drive Suite 15, Palm Coast, FL 32136


Sign up for a free member registration and gain access to online reservations for public courts – it couldn't be easier and you'll never have to give the couple hogging the courts an evil eye. For even more tennis, there are junior and adult clinics and camps. A really world-class facility with great tournament play.


Pay-as-you-go access to four tennis courts, with gym and pool facilities also on-site. If you're staying awhile and plan to make regularly use of Belle Terre, a membership is very affordable and might make great sense.

  • Website: Belle Terre online
  • Address: 73 Patricia Drive, Palm Coast, FL 32164


'Hiking' can be a catch-all term for a "walk in real shoes not flip-flops" or a five-hour slog into the back-country with matches, ponchos and a GPS. Whether one appeals more than the other, this region accommodates all comers. 


    A particular trail favorite runs along the shore from Marineland, past Ocean Hammock and all the way to Flagler Beach. Bet you can't guess its name...

    Flagler Beach to Marineland Trail 

    Note: this trail has no signs whatsoever. It's is as 'Locals' Secret' as it gets. Whether you do it all at once, or take a week exploring a little further each day, it could be an absolute highlight.

    • Website: Trail details online


    If you'd rather saddle up than sun-tan, Palm Coast and Flagler have miles of equestrian trails between them. For details, please see our notes on Princess Place Preserve and the Florida Agricultural Museum.