Northeast Florida - Day Trips & Attractions Tips: Waterparks


Would you rather spend a snowy day at the beach, or hours meandering the lazy tubing river? Disney's two water-parks offer a choice you've never before had to contemplate. Families with young children are advised to arrive later in the afternoon and stay until the park closes – this helps both to avoid the sun and larger crowds. Don't miss: Summit Plummet and the massive wave pool.

  • Keep in mind: Pathways and sidewalks get very hot! Pack flip-flops or water shoes. The latter are permitted on rides.

Blizzard Beach:

Typhoon Lagoon:


If you want the speed of Universal, but don't want to miss a day away from the water, consider this a "best of both" water theme park. Multi-person rides keep everyone together, while smaller children can spend hours at Florida's biggest splash park. Don't miss: Disco h20.

Planning your visit:


Three million gallons of water to three million pounds of sand. This park has elements of high-speed theme park, water park, aquatic zoo and a day at the beach. Those keen on plants will love the attention spent on landscaping – 2,500 different tree species are planted throughout. (And you thought Florida just had palm trees). Don't miss: Commerson's Dolphins Slides and Eight Lane Racer.

Planning your visit: