St. Augustine Beach - Canoeing & Kayaking

(For eco-tours by kayak, please see the previous section). Know what you're doing and just want the equipment? See page 73 for rental info. Any sort of paddling is hugely popular in these parts - we certainly have water to spare.

What's the difference between a canoe and a kayak? Canoes tend to be wider, and you can move around in them. You'll maneuver with a one-sided paddle. Kayaks keep you seated - at waist-level with the water - and you'll use a double-sided paddle. Both allow you to enjoy parts of Florida you'd never see from a road, sidewalk or trail.


Beginners tours and instruction available, departing from the St. Augustine Lighthouse and Anastasia State Park.


A very flexible operation offering all manner of guided trips by customer request. Ideal if you've only got limited windows of availability and want to make the most of it. 'Paddle and dine' options stand out - park and meet your guide at a waterfront restaurant, then work up an appetite on kayak tour, before returning for your well-earned dinner and beer.