St. Augustine Beach - Kite Boarding & Parasail

Where can I SCUBA dive? Sorry - no such luck! The Atlantic Coast experiences weather that makes it unsuitable for SCUBA diving. Keep your head above water and try something that makes great use of the wind instead - like kite boarding!


On the other end of the skill spectrum from a casual boogie boarding session, kite- boarding will take practice, skill, precision and a fair amount of guts. We can't vouch for it personally, but we'd imagine thrill-seekers will find the hard work worth it.


When you're feeling hot and humid at sea level, take to the skies and make your own breeze. You might even spot a shark out in the sea. The sail is a bright yellow happy face - quite apropos, we think. Prices vary depending how high you wish to go. If the bragging rights of hitting 1400 feet aren't enough, you get an ugly T-shirt to commemorate the flight. Locals suggest sending a non-participating friend or family member out to A1A Beach Road and Pope Road with a big lens, they'll get some great shots of you sailing high. This would be a cheaper, higher quality option than the pricey 'commemorative CD' offered by the operator.

  • Website:
  • Address: 111 Avenida Menendez, St. Augustine, FL 32084
  • Children: The website says even a one-year-old can parasail. Seriously?
  • Keep in mind: Up to 3 people at a time