St. Augustine Beach - Sailing & Boat Chargers


Charters, sunset cruises and sailing lessons, and a very tempting chartered catamaran sail option.

  • Website:
  • Address: 3076 Harbor Drive, St. Augustine, FL 32084
  • Children: Very welcome
  • Keep in mind: All crew and instructors are licensed and certified


Don't over-think this: the boat's motto is "simply - a lot of fun!" Whether that means dancing to Little Big Town's Pontoon with a beer, or fishing, swimming and touring St. Augustine with your local captain, you're certain to enjoy yourself as you've planned it. The Yacht of Fun is a chartered party boat for up to 6 - dream up whatever you want to do on the boat, and where you want it to go. Day rates are for the entire day - dawn to dusk, as much fun as you can handle? Even the most cynical landlubbers will crack a smile at Captain Mike's vibrant vessel.

  • Website:
  • Address: 1990 Sheridan Dr., St. Augustine, FL 32084
  • Children: Kids welcome
  • Keep in mind: Bills itself as the area's most affordable charter.