St. Augustine Old Town - Exploring by Bike

While great for pedestrians, St. Augustine is a very welcoming city to cyclists as well. Bike lines exist on some streets, with ongoing additions.

  • Why bike?
    With such great, sunny weather - why not make your own pedal-powered air- conditioning?

  • What happens if you change your mind?
    The local bus service, 'the Sunshine Bus', has bike racks - so you can avoid biking the Bridge of Lions and still end up where you want to be. Tickets are just a dollar per ride.


See the chapter's end for all rental details including beach cruisers and road bikes. Also available: family-sized pedicabs (children and pet-friendly), and a Florida invention, a gas-powered "ScootCoupe". Use it for exercise, sightseeing, and a nice way to add a breeze to your beach sunset.