St. Augustine Old Town - Exploring on foot

Finally, a history lesson in the sun (and, if planned well, with a beer or some chocolate on the side). No matter how long you're visiting St. Augustine (and especially if it's a quick trip), you'll get more out of it with a starter tour. Who knew you could so enjoyably cram 450 years of history in an hour? Believe it: even if you're a dedicated DIY, "anti-tour" person, there's an option you'll absolutely love.


There's never been a more interesting way to see a city and get some exercise. Decide your group's main interests and there's a tour to match, whether the Plaza Stroll, culinary tour or pub crawl, a Creepy Crawl ghost tour or - truly something for everyone - the History, Mystery, Mayhem and Murder tour. Some tours are offered in Spanish as well.

  • Website:
  • Address: Departure locations vary by tour
  • Pets: Many tours are pet-friendly, check website for details
  • Keep in mind: Is it raining? We love this outlook - "There is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriately dressed people."


  • Download the City Walking Guide (free)
    Download this free walking guide (PDF) to your iPad or iPhone, or print it and stash it in your bag - it'll easily fill any spare time you have, whether you do the whole 25- stop tour, or just a section.

  • Evening walk
    Ditch the car. Seriously. No matter where you're staying, come into St. Augustine for a spontaneous evening of exploration on foot. See our parking tips and a few ideas of what to do at night . Might it include sangria?

  • St. George Street
    Though cross-streets allow cars, St. George Street itself is for your two legs only. Kids will love it! Offerings are heavily skewed to the tourist market, but if you can't beat them - join in with an ice cream and happy doses of window-shopping.