Florida Beaches - Venice: Brohard Paw Park Dog Beach

Many of the beaches in Venice, and in Florida in general, have restrictions about having pets on the beach. Most say "no pets." Not because they don't love our furry friends but often and unfortunately because of concerns for human hygiene if dogs aren't picked up after and people are strolling the beach barefoot or children are playing in the area. This doesn't mean there isn't room for your best pal on vacation in Venice though!

Brohard Park, right in the middle of Harbor Drive, 1600 Harbor Drive, near the Venice Municipal Airport and the Lake Venice Golf Club, hosts a Paws Park specifically designed to accommodate pets. The park includes fenced in areas so the dogs can get out and exercise their paws and also special places where small dogs can go and enjoy a fenced in run without the fear of being pushed out of the way by the big dogs. The park also includes tables for their human friends and disposable doggie bags, water, and even doggie showers.

The best part is that the pets get a chance to swim and romp in the sand and ocean too! On the other side of Brohard Park, called South Brohard Beach there is a one-mile stretch of land set aside for pets to have access to the beach. The area may not always be available to pets, so be sure to check the signs to make sure it is okay to take the dogs on the beach at that time. The park asks that dogs be kept on the leash unless you have good voice control over them, but as long as they are well mannered and come when you call, they can be let off to cool off in the ocean water. There are leash posts available on the beach so you won't lose your leash in the sand, water for the panting pooches, and more disposable doggie bags and trashcans.

This is a great place to get your dog acquainted with the beautiful sands of Venice beach and to give them so time away from an ordinary walk around the block. There's no need to leave your pet at home when you go on vacation with wonderful places like Brohard Paws Park in Venice.