Florida Attractions - Busch Gardens And Tampa Florida

Featuring one of the largest collection of exotic free roaming wild animals outside of Africa and the fastest and largest roller coaster in the US, Busch Gardens in Tampa, Florida is the top tourist destination on the West Coast of Florida. Popular rides include Kumba, a large steel roller coaster, the Stanley Falls and Congo River water ride, and the jaw dropping Gwazi wooden roller coaster. An elevated monorail allows visitors to view the exotic wildlife of the Serengeti Plain. 

Highlighted by Busch Gardens and the $84 million Florida Aquarium, Tampa Florida is the largest and most diverse Gulf Coast City in Florida.  

Before Walt Disney World opened in Orlando Florida, Busch Gardens was the most popular theme park in Florida. Even today, Busch Gardens has charm and some of the rides fill less dated than the ones in the Magic Kingdom. Still, the premiere attraction in Busch Gardens is the monorail guided African safari which features visitors a chance to see up close zebra, giraffes, hippos and elephants grazing along an 80 acre area. The lions, hyenas and crocodiles are separated in another large area from which visitors can view from the safety of their monorail lounge.  

Besides the African Safari monorail adventure, Busch Gardens also offers two thrilling roller (the Kumba and the Gwazi) and a fantastic flume water ride. And no visit to Busch Gardens is complete without a visit to the Hospitality House feature free sample of Anheuser-Busch’s draft beer.  

The Florida Aquarium offers visitors a chance to view more than 5,000 aquatic animals and plants. This spectacular 83 foot high glass dome building contains five major distinctive habit areas – the most impressive of which is a living coral reef eco-system within a 500,000 gallon tank. 

Beyond the Aquarium and Busch Gardens, Tampa also has a series of museums (Henry B. Plant Museum, Museum of Science and Industry and Tampa Museum of Art) white sandy beaches and pockets of ethnic areas the most famous of which is the Cuban district of Ybor City. 

The restaurant scene in Tampa is first rate and of course the latin food is the best outside of Miami. Tampa also has a lively scene of music and nightclubs as well as several notorious gentlemen clubs.