Traveling with Pets - Travel Tips for Florida Pet Friendly Vacations

Planning a Florida pet friendly vacation means more to think about before hitting the road. Not only do you want to keep your pet both happy and safe while traveling, you’ll be meeting lots of new friends together and you want everyone to love him.

With a little advance planning, taking a pet friendly vacation in Florida will be your best trip yet. (Miles better than a sad goodbye at the kennels and then hitting the beaches without him).

All of our Florida pet friendly vacation rentals have great walking trails to enjoy together, as well as many nearby dog parks and dog beaches (Check out Browhard Paw Park in Venice, FL!).

Below, find many tips from seasoned pet friendly vacationers for:

  • Packing your pup for his Florida pet vacation
  • Keeping your pet safe and happy while traveling to Florida with your pet
  • Arriving and settling your pet in your pet friendly condo rental
  • Getting the most out of your pet’s Florida vacation

Before you leave for Florida

While we advocate pet friendly travel, safe pet travel is even more important.

  • Make sure his inoculations are current and that you have records of his shots.
  • Consider microchipping your pet.
  • Ensure he’s comfortable with new people and new places. If not, start introducing him to new homes (such as the homes of family and friends).

What to pack for your Florida pet friendly vacation

  • Copies of your dog’s medical records
  • Your pet’s photo (in case he should get lost)
  • A water bowl - it gets hot in Florida!
  • Enough towels or wet wipes to clean your pet after playing at the beach (Florida has many fantastic dog beaches, including Venice, FL’s Browhard Paw Park).
  • Does your dog shed heavily? If so, consider bringing sheets to cover furniture at your Florida pet friendly condo rental.
  • Favorite toys and chews
  • His bedding and favorite blanket. (Don’t wash it prior to leaving; the smells of home will be of comfort in a new place).
  • Your camera - capture your dog swimming in either the Atlantic Ocean or Gulf of Mexico!

While traveling to Florida

  • Update your dog’s tags with your travel details (especially a cell phone you’ll be using). Your home number on his tags won’t be of much use if you’re not there.

On arrival at your Florida pet friendly vacation rental

  • Before entering your new home, be sure to take your dog for a walk.
  • Does he tend to mark new places? If so, keep him moving!
  • You might prefer to bring your smaller dog inside the condo either in his travel crate or carrier.

Getting used to new places

  • A happy Florida pet vacation relies on a calm dog. New routines or places might cause him stress, resulting in unusual behavior or uncharacteristic agitation.
  • Pay attention to your dog’s cues and try to keep to his normal schedule.

In your vacation rental home or condo

  • While staying in a pet friendly vacation rental, be sure to respect the condo owners and housekeeping staff. Efforts to keep the unit clean will be greatly appreciated.
  • Please feed your dog away from carpets and try to keep dogs that shed off the furniture.

Alone in your Florida pet friendly vacation rental

  • If possible, try not to leave your dog alone in your Florida pet friendly condo rental. There are many lovely walking trails and Florida has dozens of pet friendly beaches to enjoy together.
  • If you have to leave your dog alone for a short period, try to minimize the outdoor noises he’ll hear from the hallway, such as passing guests and housekeeping staff. This will keep him calm and happy.
  • Leave a TV on or a radio playing to drown out outside noises.
  • Give your dog his own space or little nest area. This might be a crate or his dog bed. Try to keep its scent as much like it would be at home - which means not washing bedding before you travel. Familiar scents will be of great comfort to a confused doggie in a new place.
  • Put a ‘do not disturb’ sign in place so he won’t “defend” your vacation rental against housekeeping or maintenance.

Visiting doggie daycare

Some of the fantastic attractions near our pet friendly vacation rentals are for humans only. These include Disney World and other Orlando sites, golf courses, as well as restaurants. Whether your dog plain hates being left alone or you’d like a day out, consider using a pet sitter or doggie daycare facility.

  • The National Association of Pet Sitters’ website allows you to search for a member by ZIP code (
  • Many doggie daycare centers are available near our Florida pet friendly condos.
  • Don’t forget your dog’s medical details and other documents!

On the resort grounds

Our guests always rave about how much they love the gorgeous landscaping in our rental condos’ resorts. The resorts have great gardening teams and the results are spectacular, lush grounds.

  • Please respect other guests and don’t allow your dog to ‘mar’ the scenery with his ‘mark’.
  • There are many pet friendly beaches in Florida - try them out!
  • Many of the resort properties have walking trails

Out & about

Key to happy Florida pet travel is keeping your dog safe in the heat. Florida’s heat is strong and is even hotter beneath car windows.

  • Even on a cooler day, in the shade with the windows left open, a car’s inside temperature can scale 140? in a very short time.
  • Never consider leaving your dog in a parked car, even if you’re just heading to the grocery store.
  • Ever scorched your feet on hot asphalt? The same applies to paws. Boardwalks and pavement can get very hot during the day, though make lovely walks in the mornings and evenings.
  • Remember to bring a water bowl for your dog - and a water bottle for you!

Good etiquette

  • Though many vacation rental condos are pet friendly, some are not. Not every resort guest will love your dog as much as you - whether they’re afraid of dogs, allergic, or are “more of a cat person”.
  • Always keep your dog on his leash on the resort property.
  • Remember that municipal laws might differ from your own - always assume your dog must be on a leash.
  • Some of Florida’s many pet friendly beaches and parks have acres of fenced areas in which to run and play.
  • Always take a supply of plastic bags whenever you go out.
  • After a day at the dog beach, your dog might be a soggy, muddy mess. Please towel him off and dry his paws before returning to your Florida pet friendly condo rental.

With a little extra packing and responsible care while on vacation in Florida, you’ll enjoy your holiday twice as much with your best friend alongside.

Will your human family be as easily organized?

We can’t wait to hear how you enjoy your pet friendly Florida vacation!