Florida Attractions - Sea World Orlando

Enjoy the underwater wonderland! 

Explore the wonders of the ocean in this amazing 200 plus acre marine complex that combines entertainment with wildlife education. Attractions include the Terror of the Deep featuring deadly sharks at eye level (thankfully in glass tanks), Penguin Encounter and Wild Arctic featuring a replica of an Antarctica like iceberg filled with polar bears and snow birds, Journey to Atlantis featuring a waterslide & roller coaster, and of course the Shamu Adverture show spotlighting the most popular Killer Whale in the world performing amazing tricks.


Although overshadowed by Walt Disney World and Universal Park, Sea World in Orlando Florida is the world’s largest marine adventure park and a first rate attraction.


This educational theme park is devoted to teaching young and old the wonders and fragile condition of the world’s marine life. Highlights include the Dolphin Nursery (featuring dolphin moms and their babies), Journey to Atlantis (a high speed, high tech water ride), Manatees: the Last Generation (an educational area devoted to this loveable endangered species), the Sea Lion and Otter Stadium, Penguin Encounter (a recreation of Antarctica), Terrors of the Deep (featuring barracudas and sharks), Tropical Reef (featuring an incredible variety of colorful fish) and of course Shamu’s Adventure featuring the killer whale amazing audiences with his talents.


Seaworld’s newly opened Discovery Cove is a small intimate 32 acre park that is strictly limited to only 1,000 visitors per day (compared to 40,000 visitors for Disney World). Featuring a recreation of a Caribbean island lagoon complete with sandy beaches, coral reefs and of course dolphins, this tropical paradise is amazing. Although the price is steep, those willing to pay $120 extra are allowed to swim with the dolphins which is a memorable highlight for many visitors.