Northeast Florida - Tennis in Flagler County & Palm Coast

Tennis Time?

Endless sunny days, ocean breezes and lots of time for yourself - your vacation to Florida is the perfect place to play lots (and lots) of tennis.

You’ll meet many kindred spirits - avid tennis fans like yourself - while visiting. Such is the tennis fervor in Palm Coast that, in 2006, a group calling themselves the Friends of Tennis rallied together and successfully convinced the city to construct a state-of-the-art $2.2m tennis center. Love might mean nothing to them - but they really like their tennis.

Actually, a USTA president once called Florida “America’s most important tennis state.” It’s a label we think you’ll find true.

Join in, make new friends - and build a great tan in the process.

Recommended courts and facilities

With your other R&R needs met in and around your vacation rental resort, for local tennis we recommend 3 options. Each offers affordable, year-round play.

Belle Terre Swim & Racquet (Palm Coast)
Palm Coast Tennis Center
Treaty Park Tennis (St. Augustine)

Tips for playing tennis in hot weather

The U.S. Tennis Association is active in Florida - so we’ll take their word on strenuous play in hot weather. Their statistics might surprise. Per hour of competitive singles, you could sweat anywhere from 1 to 2.5 liters of water. Picture a 2L Coke bottle and you’ll know the importance of rehydration. Sodium loss and heat-induced cramping can accompany this not-so-pretty picture.

Before you play - drinking plenty of water is always recommended, as is ensuring an adequate salt intake. If you’ve recently arrived from somewhere cold, take a few days to acclimate. Prevent burning with cool, wicking clothes and slather on the SPF 30+. Embrace hat hair and keep the sun off your face. No problem!

During the match - at breaks or between games, try to drink enough water that you feel a little bit ‘full’. A sports drink with electrolytes, like Gatorade, can be of help.

After you play: cool down and continue to drink water. A nice shower or relaxing soak in your luxury condo’s en suite bath is start, followed by an icy drink on your ocean-view balcony. Do Venus & Serena have it this good?

Each of the facilities recommended above has lit courts. If you’re particularly heat sensitive, night-time tennis could be your perfect solution.