Florida Beaches - Siesta Key: Turtle Beach

Interested in finding out more about the beaches on Siesta Key island, but don’t like the sound of all the noise and activity at Siesta Key Beach? Turtle Beach is a surprising find right near the endlessly busy Siesta Key Beach. Midnight Pass waterway used to separate Turtle Beach and Siesta Key from Casey Key, but this closed in the 1980s creating a long secluded beach area connecting the two. Previously Turtle Beach was only reachable by boat, but Midnight Pass closing left a wonderfully tranquil place for those who enjoy solitude to read a book or listen to the waves hitting the shore.

Turtle Beach also offers a wonderful place to launch boats into the bay for free, but without Midnight Pass this makes for a long way around to the Gulf of Mexico. For those who aren’t interesting in going all the way around, Turtle Beach can make a nice place to enter into a day on the bay waters and the Intracoastal Waterway without too much traffic or interference.

If you aren’t looking to launch a boat, but just some peace and quiet, this is the beach for you. This is a wonderful place to take a calm morning jog or a romantic evening walk on the beach without running into too many other visitors. Since there is some much room between Siesta Key Beach and Turtle Beach you can enjoy a long walk undisturbed for miles and even find your way south reaching all the way to Casey Key, off the coast of Nokomis. As you walk further south, you will find areas of undeveloped beach and dune walkovers that make for an exhilarating day at the beach.

To reach Turtle Beach, take US-41 north and make a left at Stickney Point Road/SR 72 before reaching Sarasota. Turn left onto Midnight Pass Road and travel down a few miles and you will run right into the peaceful Turtle Beach.