Why Choosing a Vacation Rental Over a Hotel is the Right Choice for You

Top 5 Reasons for renting a Vacation home or, Why you don't want to book a hotel on your next vacation!

Whether it's a vacation home, a vacation condo, villa or even an up-scale beach-front property - a vacation rental home offers unmatched value.

Here are the Top 5 reasons to rent a Vacation home:

  • Vacation Rental Homes are more comfortable than hotel rooms
Thanks to the Internet, renting a vacation home or condominium has grown tremendously. Now you can see photos of beautiful vacation homes, their bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens and compare them to cramped, sterile and expensive hotel rooms. Once people learn they can rent an entire furnished house with amenities that can include private pools, hot tubs, secluded beach access, and golf course privileges, the choice is easy over renting a crowded hotel room.

  • Vacation Rental Homes are cheaper than hotel rooms
Considering that vacation homes generally have 2 or more bedrooms and can comfortably sleep a number of guests (some vacation homes sleep 8 or more), a vacation rental home is a great value. Most vacation homes have a fully equipped kitchen for cooking which can save you a lot of money when you consider the costs you can save by cooking your own breakfast, lunch and dinners.

  • Vacation Rental Homes have more privacy than hotel rooms
Most hotel rooms and common facilities (like pools, beaches and lobbies) are jammed with tourists. Rooms tend to be small and often time you can hear a noisy neighbor through the walls. Many vacation rental homes are located on quiet residential streets with their own secluded beach or private pool. Plus, you vacation home includes a nice living room and most have outdoor patios and lanais where you can relax and enjoy yourself.

  • Vacation Rental Homes are Kid Friendly
Because many vacation homes have living room space, extra bedrooms bathrooms and even back yards, a vacation home may be ideal for a family vacation

  • Vacation Rental Homes are Pet Friendly
Many vacation rental homes accept pets with an additional fee or security deposit. Some of these vacation homes even include a fenced in back yard. Even if a property is a "no pet" rental, they may allow a small cat or small dog with the proper deposit. Clearly, this is a huge advantage over hotel rooms since many will not allow a pet under any circumstance.