Why to Choose Pet Friendly Florida Vacation Rentals

Is the beach calling? We hope so. With a great range of pet friendly rental condos, resorts and private homes, we're ready with your best vacation yet.

Traveling with pets offers great rewards - as well as significant cost-savings over a week or more of kennel boarding.

A Florida vacation is an ideal choice for your next trip - and our pet friendly rentals mean you get all the comforts of home, plus a five-star resort experience and ocean views galore.

Many of the rentals in our vast portfolio are at pet friendly resorts. Our condos are maintained to a pristine standard and boast modern amenities including LCD TVs and wireless Internet. The majority of pet friendly rentals include large decks and balconies, and resort grounds have long beaches and extensive walking trails. No matter which dog friendly condo you choose, you'll be within a short drive of one of Florida's great dog friendly beaches.

Why consider traveling with pets?

Famous authors and politicians alike have long traveled with pets - from John Steinbeck and his beloved dog Charley in the 1960s, to Bo Obama's enviable transport on Air Force One.

These dog owners, and an estimated 29.1 million other Americans , will happily share the benefits of traveling with pets. Four reasons stand out:

  1. It's relaxing to travel with your pet. Cost of boarding facilities aside, it's stressful to be apart from your pet - he'll wonder what he did wrong. No matter how great your local pet sitter or kennel - no one will love your pet as much as you.
  2. You'll see places you otherwise wouldn't. You know how excited your dog gets as you approach his favorite park? Memorable visits to fantastic Florida dog friendly beaches will rock his four-legged world. Great days out at dog friendly attractions will add great variety to your itinerary. Dog beaches and paw parks are a far cry from tourist traps common to most visitors - head off the beaten track!
  3. You'll meet other people and make new friends. Befriend locals and their pets while out and about with your dog. Nothing is a better conversation-starter than a cheeky puppy or soggy doggy.
  4. You'll make fantastic memories. We like to brag about Florida's sunsets (and sunrises, too) - but they're even better with a happy dog at your side.

Are pet friendly rentals right for you?

When you book one of our Florida pet friendly rentals, you're assured of a relaxed vacation with great nearby dog beaches. Our rental condos are suitable for families of all ages and makeups, as well as for long-term stays. There's lots of room for everyone and the proximity to nearby towns and attractions is unequalled.

Yet some pets will enjoy a pet friendly vacation to Florida more than others.

  • What do you like doing best while on vacation in Florida? If it's spending time at the beach, reading or sightseeing - you can enjoy it all with your dog at your side. It's best to leave your dog alone in your pet friendly rental for as little time as possible - and ideally not at all. If you dog doesn't mind an hour or two in his crate, this won't matter. If you envision two weeks of nonstop golf, traveling with your dog might be advised against. Yet, for occasional trips out, pet sitters can be arranged short-term and even Disney World has kennel facilities.
  • How will your dog react to traveling? Does your pet deal well with new people and places? How does he react to strangers, kids and excitement? Is he fit and in good health? If your dog is old or unwell, your vet will not recommend pet travel. Yet for a 'water dog' in the prime of his life - a week of Florida's dog friendly beaches could be heaven on earth.
  • Does your dog bark a lot? While many properties in our inventory are pet friendly rentals, others in the same resort are not. We love welcoming families with well-behaved dogs and are happy to offer some 'petiquette' tips for Florida pet travel. However, Barky McBarkerson might be unpopular with other guests.

What can you do at our Florida pet friendly resorts?

In all of our pet friendly resorts, we offer the choice of both ocean and garden/lake view condos. Almost all of these offer large outdoor decks or balconies, many of which have cover or shade. Sliding glass doors can be left open for your dog to alternately enjoy the ocean smells or cool off under a ceiling fan indoors. There, large, open plan living areas provide plenty of space - even for bigger dogs.

Regulations will differ in each pet friendly resort, but we're always happy to answer any questions.

Many cities in Florida are known to be particularly welcoming to visitors traveling with dogs. If flying to your pet friendly vacation, enjoy pet relief areas found at both Jacksonville and Orlando airports:

Outdoor dining is a real treat in our climate and local restaurants are often happy to accommodate your dog on or near the outdoor patio, where he'll surely receive lots of attention from admiring passersby. (Please ask us for a list of restaurant recommendations).

Water is provided outside many shops, some of which allow small dogs to be brought inside.

Past visitors rave about the little things enjoyed during a stay at our pet friendly vacation rentals. No matter how ambitious or action-packed your itinerary, it's likely the moments enjoyed together by the barbeque or on the beach will be the highlight of traveling to Florida with your dog.

The golden rule of traveling with pets to Florida

As you dream of hot, sunny days and pack your sunscreen and warm weather clothes, remember that your pet is traveling with a much thicker coat. Heat stroke is the biggest threat to pets traveling to Florida.

Never leave your dog in the car - no matter how quickly you plan to grab that carton of milk. The AAA cautions that, in 85-degree weather, a car's indoor temperature can exceed 170? in 15 minutes. Yes, even with the windows cracked open.

Always bring your dog with you when leaving the car and, elsewhere, make sure he has constant access to shade and water.

Get more tips for safe Florida pet travel at our "petiquette" page.

What to pack when traveling with pets?

Whether you're flying or driving to your Florida pet friendly rental, a fully equipped kitchen and five-star experience awaits. While we supply everything that humans require (wireless Internet, massive swimming pools and fantastic TVs), your dog will need a few things of his own:

  • Can opener for his pet food
  • Food and water bowls (a set for your pet friendly rental and one for the dog beach)
  • 1st aid kit for pets
  • A contact number for a local emergency vet (Google this before you travel), as well as your vet at home
  • Any medications
  • ID with your contact details in Florida and an extra collar
  • Leash (non-retractable for extra control)
  • Old sheets to cover bedding and furniture at your pet friendly rental
  • Your pet's bedding (don't wash prior to travel, the smells of home are comforting)
  • Brush / comb - he might shed a lot in the heat
  • Distilled water for travel
  • Favorite treats and toys
  • Baby wipes for dirty paws
  • Carpet cleaner and disinfectant spray
  • Your pet's current license, health/vaccine certificates and his photo in case he gets lost
  • Pet shampoo and flea/tick spray
  • Waste bags for dogs and a litter box and supplies for cats

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